Mission and vision

Our goal is to take care of customers’ health ensuring the highest quality of the manufactured products, exclusive flavour, easy preparation and use of natural raw materials. Responsibility and desire to produce exclusively natural products allow using long-cherished recipes with innovative products and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Our mission is, using high-quality raw materials, to produce high quality, natural, frozen gastronomic semi-manufactured foods, which contain no preservatives, flavour enhancers and food colourings.

Our vision is to be the leader in exclusive and high-quality production manufacturing and to increase export.

Company goals are as follows:

  • To produce products that meet high-quality requirements;
  • Having regard to customers’ needs, to continuously improve the flavour properties of the company’s frozen semi-manufactured foods;
  • To ensure that customers will receive high-quality products made from natural raw materials, the properties of which were preserved using quick-freezing technologies;
  • To develop and foster the collective spirit geared to maintaining the leadership position;
  • To increase the company’s growth and competitiveness in foreign markets.