Human resources

Our staff of 90 employees is the key part of the company. The company promotes independence, freedom and responsibility. A lot of attention is paid to employees’ training and professional perfection. After listening of needs and expectations of all people working for us, we strive to create the best possible conditions and atmosphere as we believe that only the employee, who feels comfortable with the environment, can produce good and high-quality goods.

Since the establishment of the company, the number of employees increased by 6 times, and production volumes–by 10 times.


Qualification, responsibility, efficiency, creativity and freedom–the synergy of these factors helps us to ensure a high level of work culture and positive atmosphere. Our company fosters responsibility, mutual respect and innovativeness. These values helped us to achieve a lot–we are one of the first companies in the Baltic States, who started to produce organic dumplings with meat and dumplings with different filling, we offered to the Lithuanian residents the outstanding products of LITE®, which were intended for those who promote a healthy lifestyle. This is a special line of products which are made not from ordinary wheat flour but from rice, corn, oat flour and are enriched with wheat sprouts and fibre.

Focusing on Customers

We produce only those products which meet the ever-changing customers’ expectations and needs. We are creative, innovative, flexible and dedicated to work. We are constantly looking for ways to conquer new markets. Continuous production and business development help to ensure this. Professional experience, fast response to changing customers’ and consumers’ needs and expectations, efficient order fulfilment and smooth logistics help to maintain excellent relationships with customers and clients.