About frozen products

FROZEN Gastronomic Product – what is it?

Have you ever wondered that a frozen gastronomic product is made from natural raw materials and that the nutritional and energy value of such a product, due to the quick freezing technology, is simply frozen in to the “ice”. Such product needs warming up, ant it will become a delicious, fresh and gourmet dish.

Until it reaches consumers, each and every product is lovingly created with special attention to the finest raw materials, which gives a subtle and exquisite flavour–for search and selection. There is a widespread opinion that frozen products contain less valuable nutrients than just-made products. However, it is not true. The most important factor for the quality and security of dumplings is quick freezing. Dumplings are frozen- at 35 0C–this temperature is sufficient for eliminating preservatives from the manufacturing process. The main advantage of freezing is that it almost does not change the flavour and energy value of a product, and the flavour, aroma, colour and appearance of such a product is insignificantly different from a just-made product. Due to natural raw materials and advanced technologies, products are quickly frozen, thus they turn into “little pieces of ice”. This process is equivalent to the ordinary natural phenomena when, during the winter time, every living creature freezes, while, during the spring time–comes to life again. In this way, our products also come back into life again and become tasty and delicious with a little bit of warming up. Applying the quick freezing technology, we manage to maintain a great flavour, high nutritional and energy value and, at the same time, allow users to quickly and without hassle to make the most tricky dishes, the preparation of which usually takes a lot of time.

Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to prepare organic dumplings with beef or potatoes filling?

At the same time, you will probably agree that not everyone would succeed in quickly and accurately preparing the real Italian ravioli or tortellini, which, thanks to modern manufacturing facilities, is made from especially short and thin dough.

Today, the pace of life is very intense. We all ride for a fall, and less and less time is left for really important things and occupations. However, we also want to have a quick and efficient meal or even to make something delicious for our FAMILY. In this case, our frozen gastronomic semi-manufactured products are the right purchase for you. All you need is a little love and imagination for preparing interesting and flavouring sauce. For more information, please refer to the column RECIPES.

Many products are authentic and made by hand–with great love and warmth…